Find your light

Life is truly up and down , one minute you’re thriving living amazingly and the next minute you want to load a gun put it in your mouth and squeeze .

I don’t mean to sound dark but I do mean to be honest , 90% of us have felt like this … we get tired of living but we are to scared to die , or better yet to hopeful. Deep down we know things will get better , we’ve fallen so many times we know the pattern and we know the road always leads to the light again .

Sometimes it feels like we have no more light in us . That we are becoming dim or even burnt out . We lay in darkness until 4 in the afternoon convincing ourselves and others that we feel “sick” we simply just “don’t feel good”. Perhaps we don’t … our feelings and thoughts have manifested themselves into physical pain so that our bodies may better understand them. We don’t eat , or we overeat . We don’t sleep or we can’t wake up . We don’t cry or we ball our eyes out . Not even a million dollars would change the feelings we have in us . It hurts … makes us feel sick , makes us feel alone , like no one could possibly understand this emptiness , and nothing can fill this void.

Find your light .

A broken bone doesn’t heal over night , a cut doesn’t suddenly become a scar . It bleeds , it stings , it’s annoying and uncomfortable , it gets itchy , it scabs over and then it’s healed .

Our hearts are the same way … they’re broken , they are bleeding , we are uncomfortable, full of emotions and anxieties , we scab over. Maybe we become bitter , closed off , promiscuous, or even cold. With time it heals. We heal . We are scarred but we are not broken

Find your light .

I don’t know what anyone is going through . A death , a divorce or breakup , financial problems , family issues , and issues with yourself whatever they may be . But if you’re still breathing then just keep breathing let time pass , one minute at a time . In you there’s light , find it . Find it slowly or find it quickly take as much time as you need but don’t let it go out . Keep shining . You’ll be ok . Enjoy this life.

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